Here is your one stop shop for Bartender’s Choice Cocktail Cream!

Here you buy the one and only Cocktail Cream that makes your cocktail unique, silky and even more delicious. We offer you a cocktail cream that doesn’t curdle, is ready to use, easy to add and delivered in a nice designed 500 ml bottle. Want to know more? Well here we go.  Our cocktail cream is something unique that adds that extra experience to your signature cocktail.

Our Cocktail Cream is made with high quality Dutch Dairy and has no additional flavors, therefore it can be mixed in any cocktail. Cocktail Cream will add that silky layer, some extra texture and makes that cocktail experience even more special. This unique ingredient can be used in sweet and sour cocktails but also in adult shakes or even in your coffee. Cocktail cream never curdles. Bartender Choice developed this cream in a 500 ml black and white bottle showing it’s origin, Amsterdam, heart of the Dutch Dairy Country.

You don’t need to store it cold, so it can be on your shelf ready to use. Give it a try and order Bartender’s Choice Cocktail Cream now!

We are looking for your feedback, recipes and the reactions of your customers! Want to share something please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at

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Showing all 2 results