Creamy Winter wonderland

martini glass
shake method
Garnish: fresh vanilla

45 ml Oak by Absolut Vodka (barrel crafted)
30 ml Bartenders Choice
20 ml Bols white crème de cacao
10 ml homemade vanilla syrup

Velvet Spritzer

old fashioned glass
shaking method, building method
Garnish: pomegranate wedge, rosemary twig

30 ml Bols peach liqueur
20 ml homemade rosemary syrup
 30 ml fresh lime juice
20 ml pomegranate juice
20 ml Bartenders Choice
20 ml orange blossom water
Top of with Prosecco

White Christmas Mojito

Preserving jar glass
Stirring method, building method
Garnish: mint spring

40 ml Bartenders Choice
30 ml Union 55 rum (cinnamon, star anise, bay leaf & clove infused)
4 parts of fresh lime (20 ml)1 ts cane sugar
Top of with Fever – Tree premium soda water

Pink Squirrel

Shake method
Garnish: maraschino cherries


30 ml crème de noyaux (or Amaretto)
30 ml Bols white crème de cacao
60 ml Bartenders Choice



A Bartenders Hot Night

Building method, heating
Garnish: cinnamon, star anise, cinnamon sugar

20 ml Gecko caramel liqueur
30 ml Apple Bandit cider
40 ml Bartenders Choice
30 ml Union 55 rum (cinnamon, star anise, bay leaf & clove infused)
150 ml semi – skimmed milk
Finish with whipped cream

Gin Tonic Cream

A unique combination of a traditional gin tonic with a touch of cream and some lemon juice.
The cocktail to enjoy all year long.

• Gin
• Tonic
• Bartender’s Choice Cocktail Cream
• Lemon Juice
• Lemon crate & juniper

Banana Dream

Natural ingredients inspire this tropical cocktail offering a unique and personalized drink experience.
A dream of a drink with a seasonal touch.

• Original Dark Rum
• Sugar Water
• Bartender’s Choice Cocktail Cream
• Yuzu juice
• Fresh ginger grate
• Cane sugar
• Banana and ginger slices, lemon cress, cassia grate


Mocha Latte

The frothy, silky texture of foam cream smooths any bitterness that characterizes espresso drinks.
Cold-serve coffee is trendy and Millennials love the artisan quality of these novel cocktails.
Mocha Latte is a delicious cold-serve coffee creation for all seasons!

• Bartender’s Choice Cocktail Cream
• Espresso
• Lime juice extract
• Sugar water
• Fresh Vanilla and Lemon grate




Dry shake method, shake method
Garnish: lime zest

30 ml The Botanist Islay Dry Gin (grapefruit infused)
15 ml Monin grenadine
15 ml Bartenders Choice
20 ml fresh egg white
10 ml fresh lime juice


 Fuzzy Navel

Longdrink glass
shaking method
Garnish: orange wedge

45 ml Bartenders Choice
45 ml Bols peach liqueur
90 ml fresh orange juice
10 ml Monin elderflower syrup



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