Bartenders Choice cocktail cream is a unique cocktail ingredient made from fresh dairy and fine grain spirits. Our innovative product is designed specifically for Bartenders, and brings you as a professional something to distinguish yourself. Aside from Pina Colladas and White Russians, cream cocktails are missing on the traditional cocktail menu, and for good reason; cream cocktails were difficult to make… until now!

Fresh cream is not easy to work with; it curdles when mixed with fruit juices, it needs to be stored refrigerated, and has a short shelf life.  All of this is history with Bartender’s Choice Cocktail Cream! Fine grain spirits and sugar are emulsified with 100% fresh cream from the heart of Dutch dairy country. The result is a ready to use, sweetened cocktail cream with 17% alcohol and  a long shelf life without the need for cool storage, even after opening. The product does not curdle, so you don’t have to worry about anything, just let your creativity flow and design your new cocktail.

Use 2 or 3 shots if you want a rich indulgent winter cocktail. Use only one shot, mix with fruit juices or lemonades, a spirit of choice and lots of ice to present a new refreshing summer cocktail.  You’ll be surprised what a dash of Bartender Choice Cocktail Cream does to the appearance of your cocktail. In combination with ice, a mystical haze appears in the glass and will attract other guests to try one as well. For the truly creative bartender, froth our cocktail cream into a beautiful foam layer, or even freeze it. Use it with coffee and you’ll discover a world of opportunities.

To start up your creative process, we asked some of  Amsterdam’s leading bartenders to go wild with our cocktail cream. Go to the recipe section to see what they created.