About Us

We are creamy lovers and industry innovators.

We know what’s trending and predict what your consumers need.
That’s why we came together to create the first-ever cocktail cream for high-end cocktail bars and spirited, ambitious,
forward thinking and overall dynamic bartenders.

Mixing a good drink is only part of what you do.
Creating an immersive experience for your guests is why you do it.

The increasing popularity of fresh, creamy cocktails and seasonal applications, combined with the innovative versatility of cream liqueur,
is the new spin-off that today’s consumers look for. They want to experiment and taste new combinations. They want to blur the boundaries and be taken by surprise by the end-result. They want to explore the new and unknown. A personalized product with a modern taste or a new twist on a familiar flavor profile allows you to connect and engage with your guests in an unprecedented way.

A unique, mixable, curdle-free cocktail cream

We searched for the perfect cream that could be applied to any cocktail creation, without curdling, and soon discovered there was none. That’s when we decided to create the first ever mixable and curdle free cream;  A unique, high-quality ingredient that will spark your creativity and broaden your imagination, so that you can devise your next best signature cocktail creation. That’s how Bartender’s Choice was born, in Amsterdam the heart of dairy country, Holland.

Bartender’s Choice is a unique, mixable, curdle-free cocktail cream packed in a 0.5L bottle of creamy goodness.   The must-have ingredient for your next cocktail creation.


We launched Bartender’s Choice at the Bar Convent in Berlin on 10 and 11 October 2017.