Hello Bartender!
The perfect cocktail will keep your customers coming back for more.  As cocktail lovers we developed Bartender’s Choice for you to meet  the increasing popularity of fresh creamy cocktails.  The innovative versatility of cream as a cocktail ingredient helps  bars and restaurants to reach the millennial,  who is looking for new spin-off drinks from traditional recipes. It’s time to take your mixology to the next level with Bartender’s Choice!

Our Cocktail Cream adds a smooth, silky layer of complexity to your cocktails.  We slightly fermented real fresh cream with our propriety cultures to make sure  our cocktail cream never curdles! So go ahead and use a splash of lemon or lime with it.  Our cocktail cream is sweetened and  17%Vol so you don’t need to keep it refrigerated.  Put the bottle on the shelf and grab it any time you want to make your fabulous cream cocktail.  Bartender’s Choice Cocktail Cream is unflavored in order to give you  the freedom to create your own signature cocktail.







To inspire you we added some groundbreaking recipes
with our Cocktail Cream.
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